Three Reasons Millennials Want to Save More For Retirement

The Millennial generation is growing up, at least in terms of wanting to save more for a secure retirement, according to a recent survey by Willis Towers Watson. The 2015/2016 Global Benefits Attitudes Survey, conducted between June and August 2015, measures the attitudes of over 30,000 private sector employees in 19 countries, over five thousand of whom live in the United States. This year, the study reveals that 59% Millennials (defined in Read more...


Strategies Producers Can Use to Seek New Business

Finding and closing new business is one of the most important, if not the most important responsibility for new agents. Unfortunately, there is no simple Read more...

IFN Training is Right for Your Organization

A recent post on this blog took a look at the research report The Business Case for Sales Training by CSO Insights, a report which Read more...

Debt and Death: How Life Insurance Can Help In The End

For the average American debt is an unavoidable consequence of life, and not necessarily a negative one. From student loans which can unlock higher incomes, Read more...

The Impact of Training and Experience on Salesperson Skills

While the rise of technology, from personal computing to voicemail, email, social media, and the internet have dramatically changed the way that insurance companies of Read more...

How Does Social Security Fit into your Retirement Plan?

You’ve probably heard that the future of Social Security may be uncertain – it is a frequent topic of discussion among those currently working and Read more...

An Informative Look into Insurance Carrier Product and Rate Changes

There are various reasons why a carrier needs to make product, cap, and compensation. In general, insurance carriers have a combination of fixed expenses and Read more...

IULs; a Potent Solution to Alleviate Future Financial Regrets

A nationwide survey released in May of 2016 reveals what most of us have long suspected: when it comes to our personal finances, most Americans Read more...

Failing to Consider Steep Senior Care Costs

Most people, if you ask them politely, acknowledge that they aren’t as young as they once were. But despite the large proportion of Americans now Read more...

9 Helpful Ways to Get That Prospect to Call You Back

It can be frustrating to constantly reach out to a prospects and receive nothing but radio silence in return. Following these tips may turn your Read more...

New IUL Infographic!

Imeriti Financial Network recently created this helpful infographic to show insurance agents just how powerful Indexed Universal Life Insurance (IUL) really is. As you can Read more...

Why Moms Need Life Insurance

A lot has changed for women in the past several generations, and today the gap between women and men in terms of income, opportunity, and Read more...

6 Reasons Your Clients Should Consider Annuities

In the modern marketplace annuities can sometimes be a difficult sell, even when they offer clients real solutions for their needs. The products suffer from Read more...

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