Over Half of Households age 55 and Older Are Without A Retirement Savings Plan – What Does That Mean For Agents?

Agents today have a unique opportunity to meet an imminent need for retirement age individuals and those just beginning to consider the end of their working careers. According to a new report by the Government Accountability Office (GA) entitled “Most Households Approaching Retirement Have Low Savings,” it was revealed that through 2013, 52% of U.S. […]

New Prospects and Expectation Setting

With the right mindset, tracking down prospects and converting them into sales is no easy task. With the wrong mindset, a mindset that expects instant conversions and sales after your first introduction, it can feel absolutely impossible. But as difficult as managing prospects can be it is absolutely vital for your long-term success and prosperity. […]

Do You Know These Life Insurance Terms?

The art and discipline of insurance jargon and how to share it with your clients  How can we convince our clients to buy when they don’t even understand what we are offering? Every industry and occupation, from car wash operation to janitorial services to medicine, requires on-the-job learning, specialized training, and adoption of insider terminology.  […]


A life insurance policy can offer unique benefits to its policy holder. Life insurance not only helps individuals be prepared for the unexpected in life, it can ensure the financial security of their loved ones or a favored charity. The proper life insurance policy can protect a policy holder’s legacy for years to come. But […]

Strategies to Attract Millennials Online

It’s no secret that the newest American generation, the enigmatic, connected, tech-savvy group known as millennials, make for a very difficult financial and insurance market.  But the truth is that Millennials are probably the EASIEST group to reach and market to in history—if you are willing to leave the gimmicks behind and learn some new […]