Life insurance: It’s actually an asset

Most people view insurance as a burdensome but necessary purchase. They’re forced to pay money to protect against a “what if” that might never happen. Life insurance gets lumped into the same category, but it shouldn’t.  As a recent article on LifeHealthPro pointed out, unlike home or auto or health insurance, life insurance isn’t just a […]

Life insurers increasingly focused on IUL

In 2010, indexed universal life (IUL) sales made up just 14 percent of total universal life (UL) sales. In the first nine months of 2013 alone, that percentage had grown to 31 percent, according to a new survey from Milliman.  The survey of life insurers found that, as a result, most providers are focusing on […]

IUL: The wealth solution your clients are looking for?

According to a new report, American household wealth suffered a significant blow during the Great Recession—and most people haven’t fully recovered yet.  Median household wealth in 2013 was $56,335, according to a report issued by the Russell Sage Foundation, which is 43 percent lower than in pre-recession 2007, when median household wealth was $98,872. In […]