Strategies to Attract Millennials Online

It’s no secret that the newest American generation, the enigmatic, connected, tech-savvy group known as millennials, make for a very difficult financial and insurance market.  But the truth is that Millennials are probably the EASIEST group to reach and market to in history—if you are willing to leave the gimmicks behind and learn some new […]

How to Connect with Millennials & Make the Sale

4 Concepts to Know When Talking to a Millennial Every generation has their buzz words. These are the words, phrases, or taglines that are often associated with them or can even serve to define characteristics of their generation. Consider terms such as “flower child,” “glam,” or “chick flick” and the images they evoke of different […]

College Costs: It’s More Than Just Tuition

Tuition is skyrocketing across much of the country, but that’s not the only cost increase students and their parents have to worry about.  Room and board costs, especially in cities rebounding after the recession, are also on the rise in many places. The average cost for room and board ranges between $7,500 and $9,000 per […]

In Case of a Bear Market: Do This

The good news? The U.S. economy is in much better shape than it was a few years ago. The bad news? Because we’re doing better, the Federal Reserve has signaled that it will hike interest rates soon, which could cause stocks to tank. During the recession, the Fed kept rates low to help prop up […]

IUL: The Case For Buying Young

The Huffington Post recently ran an article highlighting the top 40 financial things everyone should know by the time they hit 40. The items ranged from the basic — creating a budget and pulling a free credit report — to the complex, like determining a health care proxy and assessing the tax implications of your […]