Changing of the Guard: Retirement Investment Evolution

Since the days of President Franklin Roosevelt a common United States’ retirement philosophy has held that a successful retirement is like a three legged stool, one supported by: Social Security Private Pensions (employer-based) Personal Savings and Investments But, unfortunately, there is mounting evidence that this three-legged system has failed and Americans can no longer count on external help from pensions or the government when it comes to finishing their careers. Public Pensions According to a recent Read more...


How do Consumers See the Cost of Life Insurance?

The average American may not like talking about finances, but they absolutely don’t like talking about insurance or potential futures in which they may need Read more...

4 Quick Tips for Social Media and Sales

The need for life insurance among the American people is both growing and urgent. According to LIMRA’s “Trends in Life Insurance Ownership” study; only 44% Read more...
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Life insurance sales haven’t been great lately — policy count has declined in six of the last 10 years, according to LIMRA. However, index Read more...

IUL as a Retirement Vehicle

Too many American consumers approach retirement savings without all the facts or adequate knowledge of the different options that can serve them in the long Read more...

Help Grow Your Client’s Retirement Assets with This Simple Strategy!

Despite some tossing and turning, the global and American economies appear to be on the upslope. For many Americans, this current economy is the best Read more...

Easy Sales Strategy You Can Use To Generate [MORE] Clients!

According to US Bank, the fifth-largest commercial bank in the United States, college students are feeling less prepared than ever to manage their personal Read more...

FREE Life Insurance Sales Tools!

Calling all agents! Have you heard of LifeHappens.org? During a time when only 44% of US households have individual life insurance (a 50 year low—and Read more...

The Difference Between life Insurance Doubters and Customers

Every September, Life Happens - a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping consumers make smart insurance decisions - coordinates Life Insurance Awareness Month. The annual event Read more...

3 Advantages of Asset-Based Long-Term Care Planning to Help you Guide your Clients

According to a recent study done by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, they project that among people turning 65 years old, Read more...
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1 Main Sales Strategy You Need To Know For Back To School Season!

Think back to your own college career. Remember the first day and moving in, the classes, professors, and challenges that shaped your first steps into Read more...

3 Obstacles You Can Overcome With 1 Easy To Understand Business Solution!

Business clients can be a great source of referrals, sales, and success stories for your practice.  Because of the typical large size of business clients Read more...
In the current economic environment, paying for school is a more difficult issue than ever, and no one feels it more than students whose parents are unable to provide a helping financial hand in their college years. Students face an unsteady job market, and loan repayments could be more difficult than ever. (Don Coker/Columbus Ledger-Enquirer/MCT)

Student Loan Debt Seriously Hobbling American Retirees

Much is being made of America’s current student loan crisis, and rightly so. According to USA Today1 the total student loan burden in America Read more...

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