Life insurance key to most executive compensation plans

The vast majority of large businesses rely on life insurance to fund key portions of their executive compensation plans, according to a new report. The latest edition of The Newport Group’s “Executive Benefits: A Survey of Current Trends” found that 73 percent of America’s largest companies—those with $1 billion or more in annual revenue—use company-owned […]

4 social media tips all agents need

Confused about the best way to use social media? Join the club. Social media can be a great way to build your individual brand and engage with clients and prospects online. But where should you start? Which platforms should you use? What can you post? LifeHealthPro recently ran an article featuring helpful tips for agents […]

States Aim to Boost Retirement Savings

Fed up with gridlock in Washington, many states are looking at ways to offer retirement plans to the more than 50 million Americans in the private sector who currently lack one. According to the Pension Rights Center, at least 17 states have started taking steps to improve their retirement plan access for residents, especially for […]

Understanding Pension Risk

A recent study by the federal government¹ has shown that as many as 1 million people are at risk of losing their federally insured pension benefits despite recent gains in the stock market. Even with the federal insurance program that protects these specific plans, the maximum benefit to an employee would be $13,000 per year. […]