Selling to Millennials vs. Gen X

Who is Generation X? In this day and age, the two main groups of buyers you encounter are Generation X and Millennials. The first, Generation X, is comprised of those born between 1965 and 1981 (4). Gen X’s are often characterized as skeptical, suspicious customers, but in reality most are just careful, calculated buyers, striving to ensure that their purchase is worth the money. Gen X knows what it’s like Read more...


7 Reasons for High Life Insurance Premiums

It can often be hard for customers applying for life insurance to understand why their quoted rates are what they are. Ultimately, however, those rates Read more...

What Would A Life Insurance Policy Actually Pay For?

Most consumers understand that life insurance is used to provide a lump sum of money (a death benefit) upon the death of the person or Read more...

Tax Benefits Particular to Life Insurance and Annuities

April 18 has come and gone and with it another season of taxes. With many individuals now looking forward to receiving their returns (if they Read more...

6 Clauses and Exclusions to Make Customers Aware Of

A life insurance contract can be heavy reading, and that means that many (if not most) busy consumers won’t read the document through, and won’t Read more...

Increase Your Chances at Making a Favorable Impression

Meeting someone new, especially a client, can be intimidating at first, but there are many strategies you can use to ease your anxiety and increase Read more...

Retirement Concerns and Risks for Effective Agents to Consider

People’s insurance needs evolve over their lifetimes, and an insurance agent who understands these changes is poised to be a relevant and effective advisor. In Read more...

Big Changes Ahead for 401(K) Plan Market

401(k) defined contribution plans are at a tipping point. As a massive American cohort made up of millions of baby boomers reaches their full retirement Read more...

3 Principles to Follow to Be A Better Advisor in the Digital Age

The financial industry has been rocked by well-publicized cases of malpractice in recent years. In particular the financial crisis of 2007, which led to the Read more...

Here’s How You Can Turn Life Insurance Misconceptions into a Positive with Your Clients!

Learning to manage finances and plan for a secure future can be one of the most difficult challenges of adulthood. Consumers often receive conflicting advice Read more...

Longevity Risk and American Retirement

Longevity Risk: the risk that a man or woman may live long enough that all of the hard-earned funds they’ve set aside for retirement are Read more...

Administration Makes Fiduciary Rule Concessions

Since the Obama administration announced a push towards new fiduciary standard in 2010, critics have been outspoken in their claims that the ruling would be Read more...

IUL’s, A Powerful Resource for the Future

The landscape of American household debt continues to change with cultural shifts and the economic moment. As of 2015, those changes featured a large gain Read more...

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