10 Sales Tactics to Attract and Keep Good Customers

In the cut-throat world of insurance sales, your ability to elevate yourself above your competitors hinges upon your arsenal of sales tactics. As a salesperson in the insurance or financial services arena, you should strive to be accessible, proactive, and knowledgeable about current market trends. Below are 10 sales tactics* to help you set yourself apart from your competitors.

1) Be as accessible to customers as possible. The road to successful sales begins with your accessibility. After all, you cannot close a sale or bolster client loyalty if you are not available when customers call or email you with a question. Failure to respond quickly to customer needs and questions can drive new and existing customers straight into the arms of your competitors.

2) Position yourself as a trusted resource for your clients. One of the best ways to blow away your competitors is to become an industry expert. Your ability to respond to every question posed by your customers will earn their trust and respect. Most important, you will earn their loyalty and continued business.

3) Get to know your competitors’ pricing and sales strategies. You will be better equipped to secure a customer’s business if you are aware of the pricing and special offers that your key competitors use to attract new clients.

4) Capitalize on time-sensitive customer needs. Timing is one of the most influential variables in the insurance arena. For instance, customers with children heading off to college may need to purchase renter’s insurance or coverage for school supplies such as laptops and tablets. The projection of a harsh winter or overly rainy season may also be touted as a reason for customers to reexamine their insurance coverage.

5) Make sure your website is regularly updated. Prospective customers often begin their search for an insurance provider with an internet search. Your website should have an aesthetically pleasing design and should be compatible with mobile devices. The content of your website should be current and helpful to customers, and prospects should have a way of contacting you about purchases through your website.

6) Build a fantastic base of customer referrals. Customers will often be more apt to purchase from you if they know that friends, neighbors, and respected business leaders depend upon you for their insurance and financial services. Make sure that you ask permission before using one of your customers as a reference.

7) Offer package discounts when appropriate. Clients who purchase a collection of insurance or financial services from you deserve to be rewarded with the most competitive pricing that you can offer. Offering package discounts is a tactic that will also entice prospective customers to choose you as a provider.

8) Participate in continuing education opportunities. Make sure to maintain your status as an industry expert by participating in continuing education activities and online learning opportunities. Failure to remain abreast of the latest industry trends can cause prospective customers to consider another agent who appears to be more knowledgeable about current trends.

9) Ask your customers for their feedback. Soliciting feedback from your clients about your products and performance accomplishes three goals. First, you show your customers that their opinions matter. Second, you gain valuable insight into the minds and needs of your customers. And third, you receive information that can help you amend your approach and close more sales.

10) Strive to be the most proactive salesperson in your industry. Do not wait for customers to reach out to you with an inquiry. Never assume that your customers are happy with your service if you do not hear from them; this may be construed as ambivalence on your part. Strive to proactively reach out to existing customers at least once annually to see if they have any questions or current needs. Your customers will appreciate your outreach efforts and be more likely to keep you as their trusted agent.


Clearly, the sales process is highly tractable – especially within the insurance and financial services industries. A salesperson can often control the outcome of the sales process by employing effective sales tactics that position the salesperson as the customer’s trusted resource for insurance needs. By earning the customer’s trust and by using a proactive approach, a salesperson can quickly establish a loyal customer base and attain sales goals with greater ease.







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