Are You Helping Your Clients to Plan for Achieving Specific Goals?

Good agents always give thought to how to use the right sales tactics* for each of their clients. Have you ever sat down with clients and moved them through a written plan for their future? This approach could resemble helping them visualize the elements of a plan on a white board or writing them on a computerized or paper template. The conversations that you have with clients should match what you write down or record with them. Through this straightforward process, you can help clients quickly identify goals and map out the elements of a financial plan. It should be a collaborative process where their results are the manifestation of their vision. You are the facilitator; you recommend the types of investments that will help them reach their future state.

Make the Case for Life Insurance

Because many life insurance policies have flexible options, they are definitely a financial instrument that clients want for their dependents, especially if they end up dying earlier than expected. Life insurance gives clients ways to cash out on some interest-based earnings before death, which could be one of their financial goals. As the life insurance broker, it’s up to you to help them understand how their investments could benefit them and their beneficiaries at different ages in their lives. They are investing and they don’t know the continuum along which their lives will progress. You help them prepare for most scenarios.

Work With Clients Where They’re At 

There is a struggle that is common for many clients to experience when they set out to purchase life insurance. At first, they might want to focus on choosing the lowest premium. they may not want to pay for the amount of life insurance that would leave their dependents comfortable upon their death. You can always steer them to a basic product with the option to add more coverage later. These clients may wish they had added more coverage, but they must work through that process on their own. Your door is always open. Then, there are clients who want more benefits than they can afford monthly, and you must help them land somewhere in the middle. You are the voice of reason. Isn’t it fun?

Help Clients See Reality – Pin Them Down

As the devil’s advocate, there is a huge weight always resting on your shoulders. Both types of clients, those who are frugal and those who want to spend beyond their means, must balance their vision with cold, hard reality. They need a concrete path to protecting their dependents. You are their guide, their life-preserver in a tumultuous world. It’s your job to pin them down. They must choose a number. How much money will each of their dependents need if they suddenly die in five years? What bills will need to be paid off? Will their spouse and children’s mortgage and college expenses be covered? Will they just want to cover their death expenses and give their dependents a lump of cash? These are questions that should get answered before they choose a monthly premium. You have to help them calculate it and then select the right life insurance product for their needs.

Be a Guide

Take the approach that you are moving clients along a path. Allow them to become visionaries, building their castles in the sky. Then, point to the actual products that will transform their dreams into a reality. They might not enjoy them, but their dependents might get to live in their castles. In life and in death, your life insurance clients deserve investments that fit their needs, not those that help you reach your sales quotas.








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